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Your elephant grass for SUPER carbon capture!

ECO2GRASS® is an innovative CO2 reduction concept with excellent sustainability and commercial yields for both arable farming, municipalities with land (semi-grown) and companies with land (semi-grown), as well as parties with land (semi-grown), operational sustainability ambitions or green investment drive. We are proud that after years of natural breeding we have been able to develop a Miscanthus or elephant grass variety that absorbs six times more CO2 than a comparable surface of a tree forest and also captures nitrogen and particulate matter from the environment.

Top 5 SUPER-advantages of ECO2GRASS®

  1. Six times more CO2 absorption than a tree forest
  2. A natural and circular environmental solution
  3. Captures ammonia and particulate matter from the environment
  4. Water purifying and soil improving
  5. Eco-raw material for bio-based products

Stylish plant, also for consumers

Elephant grass is one of the most beautiful and largest grasses with a length of up to three meters. The attractive-looking plants can therefore function well as wind and noise protection. The sturdy stems and slender long leaves of this perennial grow very quickly. The grass needs hardly any maintenance and naturally stores an exceptionally high amount of CO2. With our ECO2GRASS® variety, we take it a step further. Also a great way for consumers to reduce CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter with a stylish garden plant for landscaping, mass planting and as a hedge. The Miscanthus is specially grown in a pot for this market.

Absorbs six times more CO2 than a forest of trees

ECO2GRASS® absorbs six times more CO2 than a comparable surface of tree forest. The plants are virtually maintenance-free and require no fertilizers or crop protection and even purify the soil. ECO2GRASS® is a natural and circular environmental solution. React immediately to CO2 and nitrogen rights plus regulations regarding compensations and fines. ECO2GRASS® offers you the possibility to make smart use of wastelands and circular applications of drainwater, as well as grounds along railways, roads or airports. In addition, the harvest fibres can be used for the production of a wide variety of bio-based products.

ECO2GRASS® fibres – commercial models with raw materials

ECO2GRASS® can function well as a dormant crop in both garden borders, beds and commercial plots, is very hardy, easy to maintain and suitable for any substrate. The attractive-looking, three-meter tall plants can also act as wind and noise protection. The Miscanthus can remain for many years, which means that a long-term stable revenue model is a fact with commercial production. The durable stems can be used and processed for various applications. By simply chopping it up, it can already function as a ground cover in your own garden border on beds.

ECO2GRASS® INTERNATIONAL B.V. purchases the harvest flax and processes it for various applications. This way we offer a total concept in which your sustainabability and biodiversity go hand in hand. Applications for which the sustainable fibres can be used are:

  • eco-raw material for the paper and clothing industry
  • eco-raw material for (building) materials, such as roof tiles and traffic signs
  • eco-raw material for bio-based plastic substitutes, such as cups
  • peat substitute in professional soil mixtures
  • ground cover with natural weed control and soil nutrition

CO2 absorption comparison

Over a 20 year lifespan, ECO2GRASS® can absorb significantly more CO2 in its biomass when compared to other miscanthus varieties and an average European forest. When putting the CO2 absorbtion capabilities into perspective, the annual production of 1 hectare of ECO2GRASS® equals:

You can download the full comparison below

Don’t let grass grow under your feet just yet!

ECO2GRASS® is an innovative all-natural CO2 reduction concept with excellent yields. We would like to give you the opportunity to distinguish yourself in the field of sustainability by offering you the opportunity to market or exploit this concept on your land right from the start. More information? Download the digital leaflet below! Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the SUPER possibilities and benefits for your organisation. You can reach us via office@eco2grass.com or +31(0)172 210 115. Or you can send us a message via the contact form below.


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